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CROR Publications & Presentations


CROR Developed Measures

Community Participation Indicators (CPI)

Orthotics Prosthetics User Survey (OPUS)

Peer reviewed publications

  • Bode, RK, Heinemann, AW, Kozlowski, AJ, Pretz, CR. Self-Scoring Templates for Motor and Cognitive Subscales of the FIM Instrument for Persons With Spinal Cord Injury, Arch Phys Med Rehabil,2014; 95(4):676-679 e675.
  • Kalpakjian CZ, McCullumsmith CB, Fann JR, Richards JS, Stoelb BL, Heinemann AW, Bombardier CH. Post-Traumatic Growth Following Spinal Cord Injury, J of Spinal Cord Med, in press.
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  • Wong WK, Heinemann AW, Wilson CS, Neumann H, Fann JR, Tate DG, Forchheimer M, Richards JS, Bombardier CH. Predictors of Participation Enfranchisement following Spinal Cord Injury: The Mediating Role of Depression and Moderating Role of Demographic and Injury Characteristics. Arch of Phys Med and Rehab, in press.
  • Heinemann AW, Dijkers MP, Ni P, Tulsky DS, Jette A. Measurement Properties of the Spinal Cord Injury-Functional Index (SCI-FI) Short Forms Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Arch of Phys Med and Rehab, in press.
  • Sun, K, Song J, Lee J, Chang RW, Eaton CB, Ehrlich-Jones L, Kwoh KC, Manheim LM, Semanik PA, Sharma L, Sohn M-W, & Dunlop D. Relationship of meeting physical activity guidelines with health-related utility. Arthritis Care & Research, 2013 Dec 10 (epub ahead of print).
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  • Jensen SE, Butt Z, Heinemann AW, Cella D, Kuiken T, Dumanian GA. Perceptions of Upper Limb Transplantation Benefits and Risks: The Amputee Perspective. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Hand Surgery, January 9, 2014, Kauai, HI.
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  • Improving the Measurement Properties of Depressive Symptom Instruments: A Rasch Measurement Example. Invited presentation at the University of Michigan, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Ann Arbor, MI, February 14, 2014.