Brain Injury Research Program - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Brain Injury Research Program

The major goal of the Brain Injury Research Program is to encourage collaboration among the various scientific disciplines that contribute to increasing our knowledge about the human brain in order to improve the range and specificity of treatments available to patients entering the facilities of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.  The program will include research devoted to the effects of genetic predisposition on outcome, the use of structural and functional neuroimaging to identify the location and extent of brain damage as well as to observe the human brain in action while people perform tasks, to better understanding memory and its impairments, how people attend to space and information in their environment, to identifying key social abilities that improve outcomes in patients, and to a better determination of how people form and execute plans, ideas, and decisions.  All these research efforts will be concerned with understanding neuroplasticity and improving recovery of function.

Jordan Grafman, PhD

Director, Brain Injury Research

Phone: 312-238-1495