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Stroke Patient Stories

Eric Weil

Eric Weil

Eric, a pediatrician working in Chicago, participated in RIC's prime-of-life program to recover the abilities that drive his life.

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Jordie Krimstein

Because of a stroke, Jordie lost function on the left side of his body, affecting his arm and his ability to paint.

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John Murphy

John Murphy

John suffered a stroke after completing a marathon.

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Kathrine Brooks

Kathrine Brooks

Kathrine suffered a stroke prior to going for a run.

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Stroke Rehabilitation Quality Outcomes

If you or someone you love has had a stroke, you want to find the rehabilitation facility that has the most advanced research, the most innovative therapies and the proven quality outcomes that ensure the patient regains maximum ability and independence.

This is where we excel. Our world-class rehabilitation specialists use a teamwork approach to quality care and the most innovative technologies available anywhere. The result? With more than 1,100 stroke inpatients treated last year, we are among the largest stroke rehabilitation providers in the nation, and our patients come from around the world to be at RIC. In our outpatient and day rehabilitation centers, we provide for an even greater number of patients with stroke.

We pioneer groundbreaking research and treatments for stroke that result in excellent rehabilitation quality outcomes. In fact, ours is the only one of the 20 Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers in the country with a dedicated focus on robotic solutions for stroke recovery. That is why we can offer our patients technologies such as the Armeo®, a robotic tool to rebuild hand and arm strength and coordination.

And how do our stroke patients feel about their quality care? According to their responses, 96% of our patients gave RIC the highest marks on satisfaction, not only with their overall care, but also with their physicians, therapists and nurses.

 RIC's Stroke Outcomes  RIC's Stroke Patient Satisfaction