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Brain Injury
Patient Stories

Eric Edmundson

Eric Edmundson

Eric, a military veteran, suffered a complex combination of traumatic brain injury and anoxic brain injury in a roadside bomb explosion in Iraq.

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Andrew Heytow

Andrew was involved in a helicopter crash that left him with a traumatic brain injury.

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Omar Al-Dhafiri

photo of omar

Omar and his father traveled from Kuwait to Chicago for Omar's care after he sustained a traumatic brain injury.

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Brain Injury Rehabilitation Quality Outcomes

When you're looking for a brain injury rehabilitation facility for yourself or someone you love, you may, quite naturally, feel overwhelmed. After all, the brain affects everything one does. And because no two brain injuries are alike, it's difficult to forecast what lasting effects the injury may have or how it may impact the person's very essence.

With so much at stake, you want the most exceptional quality care and most extensive experience in a setting where you feel safe, secure and comfortable… which is exactly what you can expect at The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) - the only Midwest Regional Traumatic Brain Injury Care System as designated by the U.S. government to develop breakthrough SCI treatments.

Our Brain Injury Medicine and Rehabilitation Program offers a comprehensive approach with a proven record of excellent rehabilitation outcomes and the best hope for getting patients back to their lives and their families. With more than 50 years of experience and innovative research — for example, RIC has pioneered the use of virtual reality and robotic technologies to improve cognitive function — we have a unique understanding of the brain's complexities and its capacity for healing.

Last year, we provided inpatient care for more than 700 brain injury patients from around the world, and for an even greater number of patients with brain injury treated in our outpatient and day rehabilitation programs. With studies indicating that the most intensive rehabilitation programs yield greater functional gains for brain injured patients, this translates directly into better quality outcomes for all our patients.

For the highest brain injury recovery rates, look no further than RIC.

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