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Request Information About Our Outreach Program

To receive information about the RIC Academy's Outreach Program, please go to our Outreach Request Form.

RIC Academy Outreach Education Programs

Now the Experts Come to You!

Now you can take advantage of The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago’s premier rehabilitation courses without the cross-country trek. The Academy’s outreach program brings our advanced curriculum and expert faculty to your facility. For large organizations or networks of smaller organizations, the outreach program is a way to deliver high-end professional education at your own facility at significant cost savings. 

We currently offer the following courses in our Outreach Program:

  • Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Management in Brain Injury
  • Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Management in Spinal Cord Injury
  • Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Management in Stroke
  • Kinetic Chain Evaluation and Functional Exercise Approaches


How much does it cost?
$18,000 for three speakers and $19,500 for four speakers. 

What is included in the cost of the program?
Course delivery, all course logistics such as honorariums, CEUs for your participants, printing of the course books and labor costs for rolling out the course.

What is your facility responsible for?
Providing the facility, facility set-up, faculty travel costs, faculty lodging, registration, and food/drinks for the participants. Also, your facility is responsible for marketing the course, if you choose to. We will post the outreach course on our website.

How much of the outreach agenda can be customized?
It truly depends upon the outreach. Course speakers value your input to identify the areas of interest and clinical need that can be customized to your therapists' and nurses' skills. One of the strengths of the outreaches lies in the workshops in which attendees have the opportunity to practice learned clinical skills.

How many participants can you have?
We suggest that your facility can have up to 50 participants, with all of the revenue going to your facility.

How quickly can we bring the outreach to your facility?
We can usually turn things around in 3-4 months.

For More Information

Request information about the RIC Academy Outreach Program. You may also call Susan Spoeri, the Education Program Manager, at 312-238-2861 or e-mail her at