RIC Matters 2014-07-30 - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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RIC Matters 2014-07-30

Quote of the Week

"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.”

Winston Churchill

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ADP Payroll System - First Pay Tomorrow

We have completed our transition to the ADP Payroll and Human Resources Information System. With payday tomorrow, (pay period ending 7/26/14) you can expect to see the following changes:

  • Your pay statement (and paycheck if you are not signed up for direct deposit) will come in an envelope from ADP, not RIC, with the ADP logo on the envelope. ADP is mailing pay statements and paychecks today. 
  • Deductions. Note that because this is the third payroll of the month, (which occurs twice per year) most benefit deductions do not take place this payroll.   
  • Paid time off accrual balances (e.g., vacation, sick, personal, holiday) will not be printed on your pay statement. To access your balances online through ADP’s eTime, please go to: RIC Connect> ADP Workforce Now> Myself> Time> My Information > My Timecard > tab Accruals Reporting Period > column Accrual Vested Balance. See below for detailed instructions on registering and accessing the ADP portal. 
    • You can also access your paid time off accrual balances from the ADP clocks. The process is the same as it was for viewing through the old Kronos clocks.
    • Your pay statement may include an “Other Benefits Information” section. The information provided in this section is informational only, and not included in calculating your pay.

Once you receive your first pay statement, you should review it carefully. If you participate in direct deposit, please check with your bank to confirm funds were properly credited to you. Please email RIC.ADPHelp@ric.org with questions regarding your pay statement. 

To Register for Online to Access Your Information

In order to access your information online, you need to be registered with ADP. Instructions for registering are attached, and can also be found on RIC Connect > ADP Self Service Registration Instructions. If you enrolled last fall with flexible benefits as part of RIC’s open enrollment, you registered with ADP at that time and there is no need to register again. Please contact the RIC Help Desk if you have problems registering.

To Access the ADP Portal If You Have Already Registered

To access the ADP portal, both for time & attendance functions and to access your personnel profile or benefits information, please follow the instructions below:

For Users on the RIC Network

  1. Launch “RIC Connect” from your desktop.
  2. Click on the “ADP Workforce Now" link under the “Career Connection” section of the website.
  3. Please wait up to 15 seconds while the application launches.
  4. Enter your ADP user ID and password.  These are not necessarily the same as your RIC username and network password as it depends on the information you entered when you first enrolled in ADP.

NOTE: Please do not try to launch ADP by using an IE favorite, or a URL from an email.

For Users Working Remotely

  1. Access the RIC WebVPN portal at https://webvpn.ric.org
  2. Enter your remote access credentials using your cryptotoken.
  3. Click the “ADP” link on Applications homepage. 
  4. Please wait up to 15 seconds while the application launches.
  5. Enter your ADP user ID and password.  These are not necessarily the same as your RIC username and network password as it depends on the information you entered when you first enrolled in ADP.

Note:  ADP requires a very specific version of Java and limited browser support, so you will be more successful accessing ADP from RIC’s WebVPN system than trying to access the application directly using your remote computer’s browser.

If you have any issues accessing ADP, please contact the Help Desk at x81234. Please refrain from contacting Finance or HR directly about ADP access issues. The Help Desk will either resolve your issue or create an SDE ticket and escalate it to the appropriate team for resolution.

RIC Launches New Healthy, Flavorful Menu for Patients

RIC’s food service team has launched a new menu of healthy food choices for patients called the “Great Living Menu.”

The chefs are using fresh, healthy ingredients to create a variety of meals that are both flavorful and nutritional.

“The goal of this new menu is to have healthier recipes,” says Katie Hartoin, Director of Food & Nutrition Services. “We’re making everything from scratch – from our salad dressings to our sauces to our lasagna.”

Hartoin says the chefs are cooking with more flavors, but less sodium, which is commonly found in packaged and processed foods. In fact, the menu reduces sodium by 50 percent, decreases saturated fat by 48-59 percent and increases dietary fiber by 20 percent.

Instead of white rice and white bread, patients are served brown rice and whole wheat bread. Instead of frozen, steamed green beans, they’re enjoying fresh green beans. The kitchen is using sustainable seafood, local produce, and meat and poultry raised without unnecessary antibiotics.

Turkey Bolognese over whole wheat
pasta with green beans

Last week's options included turkey Bolognese over whole wheat pasta with fresh steamed green beans, or a chicken Caesar salad with homemade dressing and an orange Creamsicle gelatin for dessert.

Prior to launching the new menu, there were tastings on the nursing units, which received many positive comments. “That way our staff can buy into it,” says Megan Dubenetzky, the clinical nutritional manager.

The menu changes reflect a larger trend in healthy eating and offering hospital patients more choices. And to help patients with aphasia, there is a three-ring binder that includes photographs of all the menu items so that patients can point to the food they’d like to order.

Chicken Caesar salad

The healthy options are carrying over to the Sprout Café, which already offers healthy choices to employees under items that are marked as “balanced options.” For example, the same homemade lasagna offered to patients last week was available to employees and visitors in the Café.


Next Lean Lunch-n-Learn Addresses "Standard Work"

What is “Standard Work?”  How can it help you and our patients? You can learn more at the next Lean Lunch-n-Learn on Thursday, August 7, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the flagship hospital, room 1611. All RIC staff members are invited.

Standard Work is a predefined sequence of documented process steps that are developed and followed to provide a predictable outcome. Standard Work is focused on supporting staff so they can provide value for our patients. It should be used whenever the work requires completing a series of tasks. These can be as varied as preparing meals in a tray line, creating reoccurring reports or preparing a patient for discharge.

Establishing Standard Work relies on collecting and recording data on the timing and sequence of our processes. It is the method to keep processes constant so that the outcome is what was predicted and that it was achieved in the most efficient way with safety and quality built in. This allows staff to trust the process. Without such standardized work, continuous improvement activities are not manageable because processes which are in a constant state of change cannot be improved. Standard Work is designed to minimize process variation which provides stability. Standard Work identifies and reduces waste, eases problem solving and enhances productivity within a particular job.

The benefits of standardized work include improving the patient experience, documentation of the current process, reductions in variability, easier training of new employees, reductions in injuries and stress and a baseline for improvement activities.

Magnuson Awards Nomination Process Underway

We are now accepting nominations for the Magnuson Awards. Please participate by nominating your deserving co-workers for either the RIC Founder’s Award or the RIC Management Award.  The purpose of the awards is to recognize both the employee and supervisor/manager/director who strongly contribute to ensuring the highest quality of patient care, and who consistently demonstrate the RIC Values of hope, compassion, discovery, collaboration and commitment to excellence.

Nomination forms can be accessed by clicking the following links:

RIC Management Award

RIC Founder's Award

Strategic Alliance Employee Excellence Award

These forms are also available on RIC Connect. Managers, please print out paper copies of the forms for employees who do not have access to email.

All employees are encouraged to participate in the nomination process. Nomination forms are due to Kathy Galvin in Human Resources by Friday, August 22.

July 2014 Compliance Corner - Effort Reporting FAQs

Accurate and timely documentation of an individual’s time and effort on a sponsored research project (commonly referred to as “Effort Reporting” or “Effort Report”) is a federal requirement. The intent of this requirement is to ensure that individuals are actually performing the work for which the sponsor is paying.

 Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Effort Reporting:

Q:  Who must complete an Effort Report? 

A:   Effort Reports are required for individuals whose salary is charged, in whole or part, to any research project, whether the funding for the project is government, private, industry or philanthropic. Even if an individual works on a research project for a small portion of his or her time, that portion of time charged to a research project will generate an Effort Report for the applicable time period.

Effort Reports are certified by the researcher who actually performed the work, or by an individual who has direct knowledge of the work conducted (e.g. the Principal Investigator, lab manager or other direct supervisor). The "certifier" is validating that to the best of his or her knowledge, the effort distribution on the Effort Report reflects the actual work performed.

RIC researchers who utilize ADP (formerly Kronos) time clocks to swipe “in and out” are not subject to Effort Reporting because their time spent is captured by the time clock and is automatically reflected on their approved timesheet.

Q:  What activity is included in Effort Reports? 

A:   Effort is the proportion of time spent on any RIC activity and is expressed as a percentage of the total activity. Effort Reports include time spent on research projects as well as time spent on all non-research RIC activities, such as clinical, instruction and administrative activities. The total of these activities must equal 100%. Effort is not based on a standard 40-hour work week. It is based on the actual number of hours spent on the activity. Effort Reports will list each research project and cost center to which your salary was charged. If the research project is not listed on your Effort Report, you can write in the project(s).

Q:  When must Effort Reports be certified?

A:  Effort Reports are generated electronically each month by Research Administration. Researchers have approximately two weeks from receipt to review Effort Reports for the preceding month, and to return the certified Effort Report back to Research Administration.

Q:  What if the information on my Effort Report is incorrect? 

A:   If salary, commitment or any other information on your Effort Report is incorrect, immediately contact your assigned Research Administrator in the Office of Research Administration. 

Compliance with Effort Reporting requirements is heavily audited by federal sponsors (for example, the National Institutes of Health) and oversight agencies. Non-compliance with Effort Reporting regulations could result in loss of current and future funding, sanctions and/or fines. 

Please refer to RIC’s Effort Reporting Policy for additional information. If you would like information regarding Effort Reporting educational resources, or if you have questions, please contact the Office of Research Administration or Corporate Compliance.

RIC Insider


Family & Friends Basic Life Saving Training Next Week

There’s still time to register for the Family & Friends Basic Life Saving training session, which will be held at the flagship in Room 1659 on Wednesday, August 6, from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Registration in advance is required, and can be done through the Learning Management System (LMS), found on RIC Connect.

Click on the “Learning Management System” link. Your LMS user name and password are first name.last name and welcome. Once you are logged in to the LMS main page, click on Course Catalog > CPR/Medical Emergency Classes > Family & Friends.

The training is sponsored by the Prince Family Esprit! Program. If you have questions regarding Family & Friends training or registration, please contact Stephanie Adams at sadams@ric.org or 312-238-6291.

One More Day to Sign Up for Taste of RIC Potluck and Talent Showcase

Thursday is the last day to sign up for the Taste of RIC Potluck and Talent Showcase. We need employees to commit in advance to get this event off the ground. Volunteers will be needed for both the potluck and talent portion of the event.  Please email Rochelle Phipps (rphipps@ric.org) or Debra Carter (dcarter1@ric.org) by Thursday if you are interested in participating.

The Taste of RIC will be held on Thursday, August 21, 2014, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at 345 E. Superior St., Heyworth Rooms – 2nd Floor.

RIC Matters Submission Deadline

The deadline to submit articles and announcements for RIC Matters is Monday at noon if you want them published in the following Wednesday’s newsletter. Please remember if your articles are time sensitive to submit them as early as possible to: RICMatters@ric.org. Thanks!

Superior Street Sprout Café Menu

 Please click here to access the Superior Street Sprout Café menu.

Welcome New RIC Team Members

Peter Cooman – Post Doctoral Fellow, Research – Sensory Motor Performance Program

Helauda Fernando – Respiratory Therapist, Respiratory Therapy

Natalie Forberg – Behavioral Specialist, Psychosocial and Patient Family Support

Satese Guynn – Central Supply Technician, Central Supply

Sarah Guzinski – Nurse Manager, Nursing Administration

Jeremy Hogeveen – tDCS Post Doctoral Fellow, Research – Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory

Tonyer Johnson – Medical Records Technician, Medical Records

Yen-Sheng Lin – Post Doctoral Fellow, Research – Sensory Motor Performance Program

Catherine Perez – Spanish Language Interpreter, Interpreter Services

Jennifer Rounds – Marketing Coordinator, Marketing

Beata Siemaszko – Registry – Language Interpreter, Interpreter Services

Darren Stofer – On-Call Help Desk, Information Systems

Jonathan Tsay – Research Student - Sensory Motor Performance Program