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Women's Health Patient Stories

Lauren Niimi

Lauren Niimi took part in physical therapy to resolve terrible back pain during her two pregnancies.

Read Lauren's story.

Linda Michael

Hear Linda Michael's story of overcoming incontinence and pelvic pain.

Beth Seaman

Beth Seaman shares her experience in fighting low back pain and expanding her family.

Amy Marquez

The Women's Health Rehabilitation program helped Amy Marquez through her pregnancy.

Our Women's Health Rehabilitation Physicians

Your women's health rehabilitation team will be lead by a physiatrist – a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation – and may include nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and pain management specialists specializing in the specific health needs of women.

Dr. Christina Hynes

Dr. Ellen Casey, RIC Women's Health
Dr. Ellen Casey

Dr. Shana Margolis, RIC Women's Health Rehabilitation
Dr. Shana Margolis

Dr. Joanne Smith
Dr. Joanne Smith

Dr. Nicole Wysocki
Dr. Nicole Wysocki

Dr. Monica Rho
Dr. Monica Rho

Our Women's Health Physical Therapists

The RIC Women’s Health Rehabilitation physical therapists have post-graduate education in the field of Women’s Health Physical Therapy. The clinical training program at RIC includes ongoing mentoring for all women’s health clinicians, clinical team collaboration via case rounds and journal clubs, and annual continuing education focusing on women’s health topics.

RIC is proud to have one of the largest numbers of physical therapists board certified in Women’s Health Physical Therapy in the state of Illinois.

Meet Our RIC Women's Health Physical Therapy Team

Making an Appointment

Have your physician write a referral for an RIC physician consultation or a physical evaluation. Then contact RIC at 800-354-REHAB (7342) to schedule your initial evaluation.

If your loved one is currently in a hospital or skilled-care setting, ask the case manager at the facility to initiate a referral to RIC.