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Women's Health Rehabilitation at RIC

Women's Health Rehabilitation

You care for others. Who cares for you?

When it comes to health care, you make sure those you love are well cared for. You make appointments for regular checkups for your kids and maybe even for your parents. You’re the one who makes sure your husband has his blood pressure checked and sees a doctor when he is sick.

But when YOU have a problem or are in pain, who makes sure someone helps you? Some may tell you that pelvic pain or incontinence can be expected after having a baby or as we get older. This is simply not true, and the physicians and therapists in the Women’s Health Rehabilitation program at RIC can help.

The Inner Strength Initiative® starts from within

In order to be your best for everyone in your world, you have to be the strongest version of yourself. Pain or other problems with your pelvis or pelvic floor can lead to weakness throughout your body—and extend to your spirit if the problems affect your daily activities.

The term “inner strength” reflects the importance of the pelvic floor in the lives and health of women. RIC’s Inner Strength Initiative®  is our commitment to helping women tap in to this source of strength for their continued well-being.

Does low-back or pelvic pain prevent you from lifting your children or grandchildren or getting down on the floor to play with them? Does incontinence make you nervous to laugh or cough? Does swelling or lymphedema brought on by breast cancer treatments make it impossible to wear your favorite blouse? Do your hips hurt when you go up and down stairs while pregnant or postpartum? If so, you may be suffering from a musculoskeletal issue—an injury or condition that affects the body’s mechanical structure. Treatments with professionals trained in addressing musculoskeletal concerns specific to women can help you get back to the life you want to live.

RIC care is a collaborative effort

RIC Women's Health Director Suzanne Badillo with patientThe physicians and therapists in RIC’s Women’s Health Rehabilitation program work with you to determine the cause of your pain or difficulty with movement and to develop a treatment program to address your needs. We then work to empower you to take back your life through manual physical therapy techniques, stretches, strengthening exercises and a range of other approaches available depending on your need. Women who have come for treatment at RIC have been stunned by the differences they see in their quality of life. Sometimes these women have raised their families through the pain after their doctors or family members told them for years that there was nothing they could do for it.

Don’t wait another day to make solving your own discomfort a priority. We stand ready to help you be your best for those who rely on you.

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How we help with women's health rehabilitation

The Women's Health Rehabilitation Program at RIC is an outpatient care with six locations in and around Chicago. We keep up with changes women are experiencing in their lives. In fact, we help anticipate and prepare for many of them, to reduce risks you may face later on. The RIC Women's Health Rehabilitation Program provides physical medicine and rehabilitation services for the specific health needs of women.

At RIC we offer innovative treatments and therapies, helping women regain their well-being through our Inner Strength Initiative® and once again enjoy active, satisfying lives.

The care of RIC focuses on pregnancy/post-partum, pelvic floor dysfunction and breast cancer rehabilitation. Here at RIC we also pay special attention to particular groups of women like adolescents, female athletes and women with complex conditions.

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RIC’s Inner Strength Initiative® is our commitment to helping women who are undergoing gynecological procedures and those who are pregnant or postpartum rely on this source of strength for their continued well-being. As part of our Inner Strength Initiative, RIC is conducting research at Prentice Women’s Hospital to better understand rehabilitation interventions and ultimately create better rehabilitation outcomes for this patient population.