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After-Stroke Treatment in Multiple Settings

Each year, RIC treats more stroke survivors than almost any other rehabilitation provider in the world. RIC leads the field in caring for the most catastrophic cases of stroke to those less severe – with a continuum of care options including Inpatient, DayRehab™, and Outpatient care settings throughout the Midwest.

  • Communication & Understanding
  • Mobility & Training
  • Coordination & Strength
  • Walking Trials
  • Robotics Lab
  • Noninvasive Brain Stimulation

Acute, Inpatient Rehabilitation Care

Customized care to fit patient needs, developed with the input of the patient, family, physician, and rehabilitation team.


Multiple, aggressive therapies provided on an outpatient basis – available at seven locations)

Outpatient Care

Available at more than 30 locations in Illinois and Indiana)

Other Key Services

Clinical research trials, return-to-work support and counseling, ongoing physician follow-up, patient and family support groups, educational newsletters and events, functional fitness recreation and sport opportunities.