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The Most Clinically Advanced
Stroke Rehabilitation

Using the most advanced clinical and robotic treatments, our customized therapies will help you reach your goals – whatever they may be.

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& Understanding

& Training

& Strength

National expert, Dr. Leora Cherney has pioneered innovative therapies at RIC to assist with recovery of aphasia. All therapy is provided by licensed pathologists with extensive training in RIC’s novel technology:

  • ORLA, a computer assisted therapy to enhance speaking, listening and reading
  • Intensive Aphasia Program, the only full-day outpatient program for aphasia in the Midwest

As leaders in developing and testing tools to improve walking, RIC uses a fleet of treadmill systems, a walking track, and measurement tools to enable patients to begin walking earlier than other approaches.

  • RIC’s therapies help patients relearn motor function more efficiently than other therapies

Developed at RIC, the Armeo is a state-of-the-art tool used to rebuild arm strength and to improve function in severely weakened arms. This interactive device uses gaming technology and is now being used around the world.

  • RIC has multiple experts focused on hand and arm function