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Women's Sports Medicine

Women's Sports MedicineFemale athletes train hard, compete aggressively and play to win. The female athlete wants to perform at her peak; there’s no time for injuries. Yet, women are at higher risk for specific injuries around the hips, pelvis, knees and ankles when compared to males. There are many biomechanical and hormonal factors that predispose a female athlete to these injuries that must be addressed uniquely for women. At the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), we understand the gender-specific causes and optimal treatment of musculoskeletal issues among active women and girls. Our research and clinical care directly addresses gender-specific injury prevention and rehabilitation programs to treat the female athlete.

Focusing on female athletes

Most rehabilitation protocols were developed by research solely on male athletes. At RIC, we recognize the structural differences between males and females and incorporate this knowledge into our gender-specific rehabilitation programs. We continue to actively research female-specific injury prevention and rehabilitation protocols to provide optimal care for female athletes.

Locations to Serve You

Downtown Chicago
RIC Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Center
1030 North Clark Street, Suite 500

River Forest
RIC Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Center
420 Thatcher Avenue

RIC Northshore
755 Skokie Boulevard

RIC targets common sports injuries

  • ACL Tears (4-10x more common in female athletes)
  • Patellofemoral Syndrome (most common knee pain)
  • Hip Labral Tears (cartilage injury inside the hip)
  • Stress Fractures (45% annual incidence in female athletes)
  • Ankle Sprains (most common sports-related injury)

The RIC team approach

RIC is the #1 rehabilitation hospital in the country. We recognize the importance of being part of a bigger team to provide you with the most comprehensive and appropriate medical care. Our multi-disciplinary team of sports medicine physicians and physical therapists work closely together and are well-trained in allowing female athletes reach their highest functional ability.

A comprehensive approach includes consistent communication with our patients’ sports teams, coaches and/or personal trainers to ensure your individual needs are addressed as you pursue ongoing performance improvement.

Make an appointment

To schedule an appointment, or make a referral, call 800-354-REHAB (7342) and ask for clinical manager Lauren Welles. Or make an appointment online.