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Services and Support for Spinal Cord Injury Patients and Families

Spinal cord injury affects the whole family, and our team provides support to everyone involved. Families are encouraged to participate in therapy and support groups along with you. RIC offers a caregiver’s support group, hands-on education for care at home, and access to the LIFE Center (our interactive support library and center). We also help connect you to resources in your own community for ongoing care, support, and services.

Spinal Cord Injury treatment at RIC

Our therapists use state-of-the-art rehabilitation tools including body-weight supported treadmill training, robot-assisted walking therapy and aquatic therapy in RIC’s pool. 

Patients also benefit from RIC’s many specialized services, which complement the core team in helping patients realize their full potential. These include:

Travel and Housing

Housing and travel coordination for patients and family members is available through the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Global Patient Services office. Please call 312-238-4118 for housing and travel information.