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Therapeutic Recreation

What is Therapeutic Recreation?

Disabled Man Fishing With BoyThe Therapeutic Recreation Department at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) contributes to the whole rehabilitation process by addressing the recreational aspect of a person’s life. Inpatients and families are given the opportunity to explore past, present and new leisure interests through the following services and programs: recreational therapy, music therapy, art therapy, animal assisted therapy and recreation activity programming.

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What Makes RIC Therapeutic Recreation Unique?

Meet the Therapeutic Recreation Staff

Our therapeutic recreation staff works closely with patients and their loved ones to help find activities and events that address their personal interests and also address their particular everyday needs.

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Internship Opportunities at RIC Therapeutic Recreation

Our internship program at RIC is open year round and is a great way for people to gain experience in a rehabilitation care setting while also providing support to patients at RIC.

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Online Recreation Resources

You can refer to several web sites and organizations that provide useful information about recreation and rehabilitation resources.

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