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Pediatric Patient Stories

Laetitia Hatem

RIC Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

Watch this video and see how Laetitia Hatem traveled more than 10,000 miles from Beirut to Chicago.

See Laetitia's amazing journey.

Natalie Davis

Natalie Davis

Natalie Davis took part in rehabilitation including robot-assisted therapy to advance her ability.

Read Natalie's story.

Scott Chan

Scott Chan

Scott Chan was a healthy teen when he experienced an unusual brain aneurysm which then caused a stroke.

Read Scott's patient story.

RIC #1 Rehabilitation Hospital for 25 Years

RIC Pediatric RehabilitationRIC Pediatrics Patient and RIC Therapist

Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Program

In everything your child does – in school, in sports, in life – you want him or her to succeed and you want to provide the absolute best. Rehabilitation care should be no different. Your child is facing challenges right now that most children don’t face. You are concerned about his or her current abilities and continued development. At RIC’s Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Program, we provide the expertise and motivation your child needs to keep growing strong.

Caring for the whole child

RIC Adolescent Rehabilitation PatientAt RIC we treat the whole child, taking into consideration interests and goals, and involving family in our care. Your child will benefit from our unique developmental approach to rehabilitation, which motivates through recreation and functional activities while improving skills. Therapists use developmentally appropriate games, activities, sports and adaptive equipment to strengthen muscles; increase range of motion; and improve coordination, memory, attention span and daily living skills. Your child knows how to have fun, and we know how to focus that energy.

Our world-class care specially geared toward children and adolescents provides a full range of rehabilitation services, support, tools and equipment to help them grow. Plus, RIC researchers located on the premises are working on the newest developments in pediatric rehabilitation, giving patients early access to groundbreaking advances in treatment.

Working with an integrated team

Your son or daughter will be in the care of our physicians, many of whom have dual specialties in both pediatrics and physical medicine and rehabilitation, as well as our physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists and nurses who work extensively with children and adolescents. Understanding the importance of social, emotional and developmental issues, our team also includes a child psychologist, social worker and child life specialist. Once an RIC physician assesses your child’s abilities, he or she will help youRIC Pediatric Rehabilitation Patient with Dr. Deborah J. Gaebler-Spira build rehabilitation goals and assemble an interdisciplinary team to work toward them.

Family participation is essential to success. Family members provide vital insights to help develop an effective treatment plan and continue progress outside of the hospital. You will be involved in the decision-making and communications for your child. In addition, we will help educate you and family members on the rehabilitation program designed for your child.

With you every step of the way

Whatever your child’s level of function, RIC offers care to best address it. Inpatient rehabilitation is, for many, the first step in treatment offering intensive therapy and medical care. Day rehabilitation provides multiple intensive therapies and continued monitoring by a physician with the added benefit of returning home each day. Outpatient rehabilitation is appropriate for your child if he or she only needs one or two therapies.

All of our locations throughout the Chicagoland area across all levels of care offer the same expertise that has earned RIC the ranking of “#1 Rehabilitation Hospital in America ” by U.S. News & World Report every year since 1991.

Other highlights from RIC's Pediatrics Program

Adolescent Pain Management Program
As a parent, if your adolescent is experiencing chronic pain, the change in his or her behavior is probably very apparent to you. Persistent pain can upset his or her ability to concentrate in school, participate in sports and socialize with friends. We know how pain can affect your child’s life and we can help.
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Feeding Support Services
RIC's Pediatric Feeding Support Services provide comprehensive, integrated assessments and recommendations for children with feeding difficulties. Because eating problems are often complex, Feeding Support Services helps families identify whether a child's difficulties are physical, behavioral or sensory in nature.
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