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RIC Parkinsons RehabilitationSantiago Toledo, MD with RIC Parkinson's Patient Regina Guinhawa

Parkinson's Disease Rehabilitation


Regena's Story

See one patient's dramatic recovery thanks to RIC's Center for Parkinson's Rehabilitation

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See how people with Parkinson's Disease benefit from dance class.
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People who have tremors, slow movements, fear of falling and a soft voice that means trouble being heard or understood exhibit some of the signs of Parkinson’s Disease – symptoms that pose significant challenges not only for people with the disease, but for their family members and caregivers as well. At RIC, the Center for Parkinson’s Rehabilitation goes beyond medication and surgical options with expert therapy that dramatically improves patients’ ability to move better, think clearer and talk louder – outcomes validated by RIC researchers, whose innovative work helps advance new treatments every day.

RIC sets a new standard

RIC’s unique interdisciplinary approach combines physical, occupational and speech therapy in a collaborative plan that is individualized for each patient at the Center for Parkinson’s Rehabilitation. Patients show dramatic improvement with RIC’s intensive and highly specific therapy across the continuum of inpatient, day rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation and integrated fitness exercise programs.

A combination of clinical expertise and research

A smart phone used to track movements of Parkinson's patients

Breaking new ground in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, RIC has multiple novel research projects underway that target movement disorders, and patients may have the opportunity to participate in these clinical investigations. At RIC, research translates immediately to improved function, better outcomes, and enhanced ability for patients.

One RIC trial involves the use of smart phone technology. When Parkinson’s patients are outfitted with mobile phones, built-in sensors track their movements – information doctors can use to identify trends in a patient’s activities. The doctor can adjust treatment, and the phone can measure improvement in the patient’s daily life.

RIC has the country’s largest team of clinicians who are specially trained in treating Parkinson’s Disease, including physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers/case managers and fitness experts who have additional qualification with the National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) and certification in Allied Team Training for Parkinson’s (ATTP). Additionally, RIC is one of the few organizations that offer Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT-Loud), an innovative and effective technique for improving voice volume by retraining patients on the level of effort needed to produce sound.

Providing support for families and caregivers

Recognizing that family members and caregivers of persons living with Parkinson’s disease face emotional and psychological challenges, RIC offers support groups and extensive education through the RIC LIFE Center as well as assistance in connecting with nationwide foundations and local groups. For information, call (312) 238-LIFE (5433).