General Rehabilitation - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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General Rehabilitation

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago provides patients with individual, goal-oriented rehabilitation programs spanning the full range of diagnoses that can affect function, independence, and quality of life in an inpatient, outpatient or day rehabilitation setting.

The goal of general rehabilitation is long-term self-management and independence. Treatment plans address mobility, self-care, cognitive abilities (memory, understanding and communication deficits) and endurance for maximum participation in healthy daily living.

Enhancing quality of life with individualized programs

Through general rehabilitation, patients – including those who are not candidates for independent living – can achieve an enhanced quality of life. Individual programs may also be developed for patients whose recovery from injury or illness may be complicated by unrelated existing medical conditions, frailty, or advanced age.

Additional supportive services include multidisciplinary medical management, psychological support, social service coordination and vocational rehabilitation.