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Meet the MAC Team

Tasos Karakostas, MPT, PhD, started his graduate studies at the Bioengineering Unit of Strathclyde University in Scotland. He completed them at Michigan State University, where he received his Master of Science Degree in biomechanics, and at Ohio State University, where he received his PhD in biomedical engineering, specializing in computational biomechanics and minoring in biomaterials and physical medicine and rehabilitation. In 2003, he received a master’s degree in physical therapy from Texas Tech University (TTU) while serving part-time as a faculty member and director of the Gait Evaluation Laboratory.

Dr. Karakostas’s professional activities in the field of motion analysis include the design of the Center for Clinical Rehabilitation and Assessment at TTU, which involved setting up a gait evaluation laboratory and a balance assessment laboratory and designing a human performance laboratory, as well as consulting with architects on plans for a motion analysis laboratory at a TTU satellite campus in Amarillo, Texas. In South Carolina, he designed, set up and directed the state-of-the-art motion analysis laboratory of the Medical University of South Carolina as a faculty member of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences. He also designed and co-directed an animal motion analysis laboratory for the Program in Motion, Exercise and Rehabilitation Research at MUSC.  During his transition from Texas to South Carolina, he did his military service in Greece where he consulted for the development and construction of a new rehabilitation unit at Panarcadian Hospital in Tripoli, Greece. 

He transitioned to Chicago in 2008 to administer, and ultimately direct, the Motion Analysis Center (MAC) at Children’s Memorial Hospital along with medical director Dr. Luciano Dias. The MAC was acquired in 2011 by RIC, and he now serves as its associate director.

Dr. Karakostas has performed, and currently performs, funded research, publishing and presenting his findings nationally and internationally.