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Amputation & Limb Deficiency Patient Stories

Greta Neimanas

Greta Neimanas

Greta, a 2004 Paralympian, came to RIC as a young girl having been born with her left arm missing below the elbow.  

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Amanda Kitts

Amanda Kitts

Amanda was involved in a car accident that resulted in the amputation of her left arm.

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RIC #1 Rehabilitation Hospital for 25 Years

RIC AmputationRIC Amputation Patient wearing an RIC Bionic Arm (See RIC's Center for Bionic Medicine)

Amputation & Limb Deficiency Rehabilitation

In the United States, there are over 1.7 million people living with the loss of a limb.Amputation of a limb and limb deficiencies significantly impact individuals: physically, emotionally and socially. RIC understands the critical care needed and combines a holistic approach with the nation's best clinical rehabilitation care to every patient.

RIC Care and Rehabilitation

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) is the nation’s #1 ranked* provider of comprehensive physical medicine and rehabilitation care to patients from around the world and is the leader in research and development of the cutting-edge treatments and technologies in its field. Through aggressive medical protocols, RIC guides the patient care process toward a better outcome. 

The RIC amputation and limb deficiencies care program is dedicated to treating people with amputations and limb deficiencies to achieve the best quality of life. An RIC Care Team is assigned to each patient. Together, the Care Team and the patient develops an individualized comprehensive care plan. 

Usually, patients with amputations are seen in the multidisciplinary Amputee Clinic. Visits may include seeing a physician, a prosthetist, and an occupational and/or physical therapist at the same time. In this way, clinicians can work together, dealing with any problems or issues as a team.

Each Amputee Clinic is led by a physiatrist (a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation) who is an expert in the care of people with limb loss, including Todd Kuiken, MD, PhD, Deborah J. Gaebler-Spira, MD, Rachna Soriano, DO, and Mark Huang, MD. One of RIC's outstanding prosthetists also attends each clinic.

The goal of our program is to develop a comprehensive care plan for each patient, including physical and occupational therapy, prosthetic fitting, referrals to other physicians, and referrals to other specialized services.

RIC Amputation & Limb Deficiencies Rehabilitation Experts

Your RIC Care Team team will be lead by a physiatrist. The RIC Care Team may include nurses, physical and occupational therapists, pain management specialists, speech-language pathologists, counselors, and nutritionists specialized in working with amputee and limb deficiency patients.

Rehabilitation Experts: Adult Care

Our Adult Amputee Clinics are led by Todd Kuiken, MD, PhD, Mark Huang, MD and Rachna Soriano, DO.

Rehabilitation Experts: Pediatric Care

Our Pediatric Amputee Clinics serve children with acquired amputations and children who were born with limb differences. A physical therapist, occupational therapist, and prosthetist also attend each Pediatric Amputee Clinic to assist with evaluating and monitoring the progress of your child. The Pediatric Amputee Clinics are led by Deborah J. Gaebler-Spira, MD.

1According to the National Limb Loss Information Center.

*Founded in 1954, RIC has been designated the “#1 Rehabilitation Hospital in America” by U.S. News & World Report every year since 1991. RIC sets the standard of care in post-acute treatment through its innovative applied research and discovery programs, particularly in the areas of neuroscience, bionic medicine, musculoskeletal medicine and technology transfer.