Visiting Policy - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Visiting Policy

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago - buildingWe encourage visitors and want to make families and friends feel at home here. Visiting hours are between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. For security reasons, all visitors are required to sign in at the lobby desk and obtain a visitor identification badge.

Exceptions to visiting hours may be granted by the nurse manager/designee, nursing house supervisor, care manager or administrator-on-call for specific reasons such as learning a patient’s care or providing ongoing supervision. The number of visitors for an individual patient at any one time or in any one patient room or area may be limited at the discretion of the nurse manager/designee.

Visiting during patient treatment sessions is permitted at the discretion of the treating therapist and/or nurse in consultation with the patient, family and/or legally authorized representative.

Visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which is considerate to the patients and staff and is in compliance with all RIC policies and procedures. For example, staff may ask visitors to leave if their behavior is disruptive, threatening or abusive.

Visiting Young Patients

Visitors mean a lot to all patients, especially young ones. Please let us know what we can do to help your family spend as much time as possible with a child in our care. Sibling visits can be very important both for the child in our care and the child who visits, and we will allow them whenever possible (see the guidelines below). 

Children Who Visit

Children younger than 15 years allowed as visitors only in the company of a responsible adult. Those younger than 12 are not permitted to visit patients in an isolation room. Children ages 12 or older may visit in an isolation room after following appropriate precautions.

Children under the age of six (6) may visit in public areas off the patient unit such as the cafeteria or in the lobby of the building.

On the patient care unit, children under six (6) years of age may visit in public areas such as the dining room, gym or child life room unless the patient is in a private room. They may visit in a non-private patient’s room with a physician’s order.

We request that sick children stay at home, as we do not want to put other patients at risk for infection.


RIC is a smoke-free facility. We do have a designated, outdoor smoking area at the northwest corner of the hospital building. There you will find smoking receptacles and benches.