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Women's Health: Patient Stories

Lauren Niimi's Story

Debunking an Age-Old Pregnancy Myth

Lauren Niimi

Lauren Niimi with physical therapist Suzanne Badillo, Dr. Colleen Fitzgerald and Niimi's sons Eli and Ben

Lauren Niimi thought her back pain was a normal part of pregnancy. After all, she thought, pregnancy is bound to be uncomfortable. But pain during pregnancy, while common, is not inevitable. Through theWomen's Health Rehabilitation Program at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, mothers-to-be and new moms can find relief from pain and, like Niimi, play with, run after, dance with and fully enjoy caring for their children.

Niimi's pain began as a sharp stab in her lower back during a routine climb up the stairs when she was about 20 weeks into her first pregnancy with Eli, now 3. Despite her attempts to "take it easy," the pain got progressively worse, until she could barely walk. She assumed she had no other option but to endure it.


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