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Sports Injuries: Patient Stories

J.C. Lorenz's Story

Getting back in the swing of things

J.C. Lorenz

J.C. Lorenz has always enjoyed an active lifestyle, regularly playing basketball, golf, softball, running and snowboarding. However, one morning a few years ago, his sports-filled schedule was jeopardized by a common but traumatic athletic injury.

In January 2006, Lorenz was playing basketball with his weekly morning league as he had done for years. During the game he jumped up to rebound the ball and came down hard – and wrong – on his left leg, experiencing an unfamiliar and shocking pain in his knee.

"It was the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life," said Lorenz. "I knew immediately what happened and I had flashes of all my friends who had this same injury through the years who were never 100% the same afterwards. I was terrified I'd have to give up all the things I love – snowboarding, basketball, softball, running and golf."

The then 28-year-old was only three months away from his wedding and honeymoon with a potentially serious injury.