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Chronic Pain: Patient Stories

Gayle Parseghian's Story

Booting Pain, Dancing Again

Gayle Parseghian's Patient Story

Gayle Parseghian had never felt more desperate. In early 2007, the 54-year-old ballet teacher from Toledo, Ohio, was in the waiting room of a surgeon’s office for an appointment to discuss treatment for the excruciating back pain that had been tormenting her for the past several months. She was there despite other doctors' skepticism about surgery. One had even said, “You have only about a 20 percent chance of pulling out of this.”


Beth Seaman's Video

Beth Seaman shares her experience in fighting low back pain and expanding her family. Watch the video below.

Bill Lipscomb's Story

Walking normally for the first time in three years

After years of enjoying sports and staying fit, Bill Lipscomb was willing to undergo arthroscopic surgery on his knee, a routine procedure that would correct “a minor cartilage issue” he had developed from his active life. He knew some pain was part of normal post-surgery recovery. But when the pain not only continued but worsened afterward, Lipscomb returned to his doctor and got a new diagnosis: chronic regional pain syndrome, or CRPS.