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RIC Patient Stories of Advancing Ability®

Through science-based rehabilitation care...

... RIC supports its patients' individual journeys toward their ultimate outcome: being able to participate in life in a way that is meaningful to them, to each individual patient, catalyzed by their care at RIC.

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Michele Lee – Working long hours to climb the career ladder

Spinal Cord Injury

Michele Lee

After a car accident left Michele Lee with a spinal cord injury in 2003, she embarked on a worldwide journey to find medical care that would help her regain her ability and independence. It was in her hometown of Chicago where she found RIC's Second Look program that helped her reclaim her life and introduced her to new passions...

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Lauren Niimi – Participating in this magical time in her children's lives

Women's Health

Lauren Niimi

When Lauren Niimi was about 20 weeks into her first pregnancy with Eli, now 3, she experienced a sharp, stabbing pain in her lower back during routine climbs up the stairs. The pain got progressively worse until she could barely walk. Through core strengthening, stretching and body mechanics work with her RIC physical therapist, Niimi overcame the pain and went on to have a pain-free pregnancy and safe delivery...

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Eric Weil – Returning to a full day on his feet after stroke


Eric Weil

In autumn 2008, Chicago pediatrician Eric Weil experienced a severe stroke. When he was first admitted to RIC for rehabilitation, he couldn't talk, walk or do much of anything with his right arm. Within a few weeks of participating in RIC's Prime of Life stroke program, Weil regained the ability to do all of these things and was on the road to returning to pursuing his life's passions...

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Natalie Davis – Kicking a soccer ball in gym class

Cerebral Palsy

Natalie Davis

Natalie Davis has undergone treatments, surgeries and therapy for her cerebral palsy since she was a toddler. After muscle-lengthening surgery in January 2009, Natalie came to RIC for rehabilitation to help recover and regain better balance and ability to walk. At RIC, she participated in robot-assisted walking therapy with the Lokomat®, which improved her stepping pattern and endurance, and she will start soccer in the fall...

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