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Nursing Mission and Vision

  • Professional Practice Model

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RIC Nursing Professional Practice Model

RIC Nursing model

The four elements of the model are:


RIC Core ValuesThe RIC Employee
Core Values

  • Compassion
  • Hope
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Discovery

RIC Nursing Theoretical FrameworkRIC Nursing Theoretical Framework: King's Goal Attainment Theory

The goal of nursing, according to Imogene King, is “to help individuals maintain their health so they can function in their roles (ARN Core Curriculum, 2007) within their family and their community.” This is achieved through mutual goal setting.

RIC NursesCharacteristics of an RIC Nurse

  • Acts as a patient advocate.
  • Treats patients with respect and dignity.
  • Works with patients to set goals and provides feedback with team members related to those goal.
  • Looks forward with patients to envision ability today and in the future for health and function rather than dwell on what was.
  • Seeks to empower patients to advance their ability and enable them to take control of their health.

RIC Professional PracticeThe Structures that Support Practice

  • Patient-centered care delivery models across settings that allow nurses to focus on developing relationships and providing therapeutic interventions to maximize goal attainment consistent with the level of care.
  • Integration of nursing as member of the rehabilitation team
  • Organizational commitment to quality and safety
  • Shared governance which provides nurses’ control of their practice
  • Focus on evidence-based practice as the foundation for decision making