Role of Nurses at RIC - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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The Role of Nurses at RIC

According to the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, nurses in rehabilitation settings "help patients with disabilities adapt to their disabilities, achieve their greatest potential, and work toward productive, independent lives. They take a holistic approach to meeting patients' medical, vocational, educational, environmental, and spiritual needs."

At the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), nurses play a key role in helping our patients achieve their goals just as professionals from other disciplines represented on each patient's care team.

We recruit – and keep – the best nursing staff

At RIC, we hire and retain excellent nurses because of our unique patient-focused, collegial environment of care. In fact, in our most recent employee survey, our nurses indicated that some of the most important elements to nursing practice also are the strengths found at RIC:

  1. Satisfaction of working with patients and their families
  2. A close relationship among nurses, patients and families
  3. Respect for nurses from nurse managers
  4. Respect for nurses from physicians

The Magnet Recognition Program

First rehabilitation hospital to receive Magnet Recognition for nursing excellence

It's because of the quality of RIC's nurses that we are the first independent rehabilitation hospital in the country to receive prestigious Magnet Recognition for excellence in nursing services by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

The Magnet Recognition Program® recognizes health care organizations that demonstrate excellence in nursing philosophy and practice, adherence to national standards for improving patient care, leadership and sensitivity to cultural and ethnic diversity. Applicants undergo a rigorous evaluation that includes extensive interviews and review of nursing services, clinical outcomes and patient care. Research shows that there are clear benefits to hospitals that are awarded Magnet status and to the patients they serve:

  • Magnet-designated facilities consistently outperform other facilities in recruitment and retention nurses, resulting in increased stability in patient care and positive patient outcomes.
  • Because quality nursing is one of the most important factors in enlisting high-caliber physicians, Magnet status becomes an attractive quality that extends to the entire facility.
  • Health care consumers have more confidence in the overall quality of a hospital if it has achieved the level of nursing standards established by the Magnet Recognition Program.

Of course, these groups represent only a fraction of the important people that work at RIC. From our executive leadership team to our front-line staff, every member of the RIC family helps bring our mission to life, each and every day.