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W. Zev Rymer

W. Zev Rymer, MD, PhD

  • Director, SMPP
  • Professor, BME, McCormick School of Engineering, NU
  • Professor, Physiology, Feinberg School of Medicine, NU


Education, Residency and Internship


Monash University, Australia, PhD
University of Melbourne University, Melbourne, Australia, MD

Additional Information


Honors & Awards

Honorary Life Member – American Physical Therapy Association
Member AIMBE, 2001
Member, GRM Study Section: 1994-1998, Chair: 1999-2001
Member, Musculoskeletal and Orthopedics Study Section, NIH, 1983-1987
Chairman, NIH Special Study Section (8 occasions)
Invited instructor, Cold Spring Harbour, June, 1980, 1981, 1982 Mammalian CNS course
Chairman, Engineering Foundation Conference "Biomechanics of Movement" Henniker, New Hampshire, June, 1979
Fogarty International Fellow NIH, 1971-1974, Laboratory of Neural Control, NINDS
Honors Graduate Medicine, 1962, University of Melbourne



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Xiaoyan Li, Henry Shin, Ping Zhou, Xun Niu, Jie Liu, William Z. Rymer, Power spectral analysis of surface electromyography (EMG) at matched contraction levels of the first dorsal interosseous muscle in stroke survivors, Clin Neurophysiol. 2014 May;125(5):988-94.


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Research Interests

Regulation of movement in normal and neurologically disordered human subjects; physiological effects of spinal cord injury; sources of altered motoneuronal and inter-neuronal responses in spinal segments below a partial or complete spinal cord transaction using electro-physiological; pharmacological and biomechanical techniques; rehabilitation robotics

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