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Leadership, Boards, and Staff

Why is the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) considered the "#1 Rehabilitation Hospital in America?"* The answer to this question is tied to our hiring and retention of some of the best leaders, allied health professionals, nurses, and physicians in the healthcare field. In addition, RIC is strongly supported by an active board of directors, which includes some of the most influential and prominent activists in the Chicago area.

RIC is a career destination for rehabilitation professionals. Based on our employee satisfaction survey, it's easy to see why. For example, in 2008, employees rated RIC better on average compared to other hospitals nationally in many areas. Two areas in which employee response was quite strong was in employees' understanding that the organization needs to change in order to remain successful into the future and in their willingness to make the necessary changes in order for RIC to grow and prosper.

RIC key strengths

  • Employees like the work they do
  • Commitment to safety and quality care 
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Pride in working for RIC

Source: Morehead & Associates Employee Survey, 2008

Your career at #1

Whether you are a student about to graduate or a seasoned veteran when considering your career options, start with RIC. We are a mission-driven organization that has a number of exceptional career opportunities for both clinicians and non-clinicians. Explore the career opportunities at RIC to learn more.

*Since 1991, U.S. News & World Report has reported that RIC is the "#1 Rehabilitation Hospital in America."