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Published on February 11, 2008

RIC Brain Injury Leaders Publish Article on Innovative Patient-Care Solution

The January issue of Advance for Directors in Rehabilitation featured an article by the leaders of RIC’s Brain Injury unit. Nurse manager Ann Bines, allied health manager Kara Kozub and medical director Dr. Felise Zollman shared their solution to addressing patient behavioral and safety issues on a brain injury unit.

Their article detailed the thinking in incorporating rehabilitation technicians into patient care teams as a way to both patient care, reduce the time some patients spend in restraints and reduce the incidence of falls. These professionals, who are trained, unlicensed caregivers participating in nursing care and assisting with therapy, also reduce the organization’s dependence on outside agencies to provide “sitters.”

The article details the rehabilitation technicians’ duties and their contributions through a patient case study as well. Read the full article on the publication’s Web site.