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Published on June 03, 2015

Netherlands’ Royal Couple Visits Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Màxima Affirm Partnership to Advance Human Ability


CHICAGO – (June 3, 2015) – When His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands visited Chicago in 1997, he was a prince, studying to improve his business acumen with an executive development program.


Now a monarch, today he accompanied his wife, Her Majesty Queen Màxima, to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) to affirm the partnership of Dutch medical innovators with the national leader in physical medicine and rehabilitation.


This partnership proposes to join RIC with the IMDI NeuroControl consortium of Dutch healthcare technologists. They will facilitate an exchange of researchers and data involved in joint projects, with clinical testing of the newest in rehabilitation equipment.       


To cement this relationship, the King and Queen presented RIC with a C-Mill, a Dutch technology prototype that combines traditional treadmill therapy with both virtual reality and augmented reality imaging. This technology measures and reacts to patients’ centers of pressure to allow those in the early stage of rehabilitation to recover their walking patterns.    


“The King and Queen are excited to see the results of integrated research and patient care at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago,” said Edith Schippers, Netherlands’ Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports. “This visit is an opportunity for our two countries to continue crucial, collaborative research. The King has a personal interest in furthering research in the fields of Parkinson’s disease and traumatic brain injury, which are key areas of therapeutic study at RIC. Our partnership with RIC is a major step in developing the knowledge of physical medicine and rehabilitation for patients around the world.” 


While at RIC, the King and Queen spoke with patients who benefit from RIC’s cutting-edge research and technology, including sculptor Terrence Karpowicz, who walked with RIC’s thought-controlled bionic leg. Meeting RIC patients like Karpowicz allowed the royal couple a glimpse of how RIC’s unique approach to physical medicine and rehabilitation will be deployed in the new hospital, The Ability Institute of RIC.


“With their visit, attention and generous gift, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Màxima shine a light on our critical efforts to integrate the best medicine with the top scientific research, which benefits patients at RIC and beyond,” said Joanne Smith, RIC’s president and chief executive officer. “Together, we are addressing healthcare challenges to improve patient outcomes and advance human ability.”


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