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Published on May 11, 2010

RIC Provides 'Proactive Approach' to Pain Management

RIC's Center for Pain ManagementRIC’s Center for Pain Management was highlighted in Pain Medicine News recently for its effective “boot camp” style pain management program, which has provided relief for pain suffers for 30 years. The article praises its whole-person approach to dealing with complex biopsychosocial pain.

“We often see people beat up by the system, demoralized because interventions by other physicians have failed,” said Steven Stanos, DO, medical director of the CPM. “We teach them active ways of fighting pain, so they can manage it on their own.”

“The rehab aspects of our training also allow us to provide a more integrated and wider approach to treating pain,” said Gadi Revivo, DO, assistant medical director of RIC’s Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Program.

Read the whole article about the innovative approach used at the CPM.

The RIC Center for Pain Management is a unique, dedicated outpatient facility that serves as the cornerstone of RIC's chronic pain management services. The Center for Pain Management provides comprehensive services to help and support people whose functional abilities have been diminished due to chronic pain. RIC offers services for individuals with neck and back pain, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, neuropathic pain, complex regional pain syndrome (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), pain associated with rehabilitation diagnoses and chronic headache.To make an appointment at the RIC Center for Pain Management on North Michigan Avenue, call (312) 238-7800.