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Published on November 29, 2010

RIC Experts Demystify Pain on Chicago Public Radio

Steven Stanos, DOCHICAGO – RIC's Center for Pain Management Network Director, Steven Stanos, DO, and occupational therapist Kathy Richardson were featured guests in a discussion of the complexity of human pain on WBEZ's science radio program, 'Clever Apes,' hosted by Gabriel Spitzer.

Dr. Stanos explained mechanisms of chronic pain syndromes, particularly the phenomenon in amputees known as phantom limb pain. He illustrates the complexity of pain with a clever, deceptively simple therapy called mirror therapy, which utilizes visual input from a mirror image to influence the brain. Mike Wong, a former RIC pain patient, underwent this novel therapy and, along with his therapist, Richardson, explains the treatment, Wong's experience with this novel therapy, and what impact it had on his pain.

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