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Published on September 24, 2008

Robotic Innovation Aids Stroke Patients' Recovery

KineAssist 4;Scientific discovery at RIC led to the development of the KineAssist®, a gait- and balance-training system that allows therapists to work with patients who are relearning how to walk without the fear of falling. The machine supports a patient as much as he or she needs in order to work on skills such as walking on different surfaces or going up and down a step. If the patient loses balance, the machine will catch him or her and prevent injury.

Now, RIC has exported this knowledge to its alliance partner, Alexian Rehabilitation Hospital in Elk Grove Village. This relationship extends access to the cutting edge of rehabilitation care to stroke patients in Chicago's northwest suburbs. Alexian Rehabilitation Hospital launched its use of the KineAssist® this week.

The KineAssist® also was featured in an article in U.S. News & World Report highlighting the use of robotics in rehabilitation medicine. Dr. Zev Rymer discussed the evolution of robotics in stroke rehabilitation as well as the potential for future discoveries and an RIC patient explained how using the KineAssist® helped him in his recovery. Read the U.S. News article.