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Published on March 07, 2008

RIC Touted for "Blow-Your-Mind Work" in Esquire Magazine

"Bionic man" Jesse Sullivan demonstrates the use of his prosthetic arm.

"Bionic man" Jesse Sullivan
demonstrates the use of his
prosthetic arm.

In the March issue of Esquire magazine, RIC’s Biomechatronics Development Lab and Neural Engineering Center for Artificial Limbs (NECAL) were featured in an article titled, "Rebuilding Bryan Anderson." The piece follows an Iraq war veteran as he undergoes the arduous process of being fitted with standard prosthetics from the Army.

Through Anderson’s story, the author paints a picture of what the future of prosthetics holds and the scientific discoveries of these RIC teams are featured as "blow-your-mind work."

NECAL director, Todd Kuiken, M.D., Ph.D., and lab manager Blair Lock are quoted as they explain the work they are doing with neural reinnervation to improve the control of artificial limbs and sensory feedback to allow patients the sense of feedback and proprioception, or sense of where the prosthesis is in space and in relation to the body. RIC "Bionic Man" Jesse Sullivan also shared his experience of how this science has affected his ability to do everyday tasks again after losing both of his arms in an electrical accident in 2001.

Richard F. ff. Wier, Ph.D., director of the Biomechatronics Development Laboratory and mechanical engineer Steve Clark describe their work in developing the implantable myoelectric sensors (IMES) as a way to pick up neural signals and communicate them to an arm's control system. They also describe the advanced hand systems they have built for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Revolutionizing Prosthetics program in which RIC is a subcontractor.

To read the article in Esquire magazine, visit the magazine's Web site.