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Published on February 10, 2008

Director of Women's Health Rehabilitation Program Cited in "Core" Articles

The Feb. 10 edition of the Chicago Tribune included a cover story in the Q section about toning the core rather than concentrating on the “six-pack abs.” Both that article and a sidebar on regaining core strength after pregnancy featured quotes from RIC expert Cindy Neville.

Cindy is a certified physical therapist and clinical director of the RIC Women’s Health Rehabilitation program. This program concentrates on musculoskeletal issues particular to women, including pregnancy and postpartum concerns, pelvic floor rehabilitation (part of the core), rehabilitation during and after treatment for breast cancer and female athletes.

Neville is quoted in the feature article about the core being the basis for all movement throughout the body and the fact that weakness in the core can make a person vulnerable to a variety of injuries including urinary incontinence and breathing disorders. In the postpartum article, the writer cites Cindy both on what happens during pregnancy and the best ways to recover core strength after the child is born.

The Women’s Health Rehabilitation program at RIC will host a national symposium May 9-10 in Chicago.