Health Net Federal Services Designates A Rehabilitation Provider for Injured U.S. Military Personnel - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Published on May 25, 2007

Health Net Federal Services Designates Rehabilitation Institute Of Chicago A Rehabilitation Provider For Injured U.S. Military Personnel

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), the leading physical medicine and rehabilitation hospital in the country, today announced its designation as an approved provider for rehabilitation services for U.S. military personnel with severe injuries such as traumatic brain injury. Health Net Federal Services (Health Net), the managed care program contracted by TRICARE, which provides health care services to U.S. service personnel.

"At this critical time in our nation's history, RIC is honored to extend its world-class clinical care to the increasing number of service people who are returning with severe injuries such as traumatic brain injury," said Joanne C. Smith, president and CEO, RIC. "RIC's unique model of care is focused on restoring physical, communicative, psychosocial and vocational skills to America's war heroes."

This contract also allows RIC to treat other complex injuries such as spinal cord injuries and combinations of head and spine injuries that require comprehensive rehabilitation care.

Through TRICARE, Health Net provides health care services to approximately 2.9 million uniformed services beneficiaries, active and retired, and their families.

About The RIC Brain Injury Medicine and Rehabilitation Program

The Institute utilizes a unique care-team approach that taps the deep experience and expertise of each team member's professional skill set, including nursing, physical/occupational/speech therapies and physiatry. Additionally, RIC:

  • Integrates cognitive rehabilitation - addressing memory, problem solving, abstract thinking, self-awareness, attention and concentration challenges - into the framework of its overall care program and into the training of all care staff.
  • Brings cutting-edge, evidence-based practices to the bedside, uniting various models to maximize impact. An example of such innovation is utilizing medical agents and baclofen pumps for spasticity management, in conjunction with serial casting to improve positioning and specialized range-of-motion exercises to maximize recovery.
  • Specializes in the latest assistive devices that help people with disabilities put the power of computers to work. The RIC Technology Center focuses on three areas: communication, computers and environment. Through technology, such as message boards and computer systems with synthesized speech, RIC helps people with disabilities find their voices, control their environment and communicate freely with the world.
  • Treats all categories of acquired brain injury including: anoxic brain injury; traumatic brain injury; closed head injuries; concussions; brain tumor; disease entities and metabolic disorders that lead to brain injury.

About The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago is dedicated to helping people with all levels and types of physical disabilities live a fulfilling life. U.S. News & World Report has ranked RIC the "#1 Rehabilitation Hospital in America" every year since 1991. RIC operates a flagship hospital in Chicago as well as a network of DayRehabCenters and outpatient centers located throughout the city and surrounding suburbs. It also maintains strategic alliances with other healthcare providers throughout the state of Illinois and north central Indiana.

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