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Published on January 11, 2007

RIC's Bionic Arm Provides Hope to Injured Soldier Returning from Iraq

The January 10th episode of the PBS television show, "Science Investigators," features a news piece demonstrating the tremendous potential RIC's Bionic Arm technology has for injured soldiers returning from Iraq as amputees.

Aptly titled "Building a Bionic Arm," the segment focuses on RIC's leadership in the nation's race to develop technologically advanced prosthetics to accommodate the increasing numbers of Iraq war veterans returning from duty with missing limbs.

To access the video: Click on http://pbs.org/wgbh/si/. To view the section featuring RIC, click on "Chapter 5" and select Windows Media Player in the "high" setting.

The video shows the trials and tribulations of a young soldier who recently lost both an arm and leg as the result of a bomb buried beneath a road in Iraq. As a result of his injuries, he is now faced with a lengthy rehabilitation process that is complicated by his dismay at the current selection of prosthetic arms available to him.

In his search to discover if there is hope for the young soldier, "Science Investigators" correspondent Kevin Hand attends RIC's press conference in Washington D.C. in September 2006. There, he discovers Todd Kuiken's, M.D., Ph.D., real world application of the latest Bionic Arm technology on both Jesse Sullivan, the world's first Bionic Man, and Claudia Mitchell, the world's first Bionic Woman. At the press conference, Hand invites Sullivan to personally meet the young soldier to offer encouragement.

Upon meeting the soldier, Sullivan is quick to demonstrate the functionality of his neuro-controlled arm and explains that, "The amount of function is well worth the added weight." It is clear from Sullivan's demonstration that this soldier now has a more positive outlook on his ongoing rehabilitation.

This news piece demonstrates RIC's significant contributions to improving the hopes and lives of America's military heroes through its break-through research.

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