RIC Milestones: 1951-1961 - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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RIC Milestones: 1951-1961

Building Better Care

Dr. Paul B. Magnuson Founder of RIC

Dr. Paul B. Magnuson
Founder of RIC

1951 The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) is incorporated by Dr. Paul B. Magnuson and a first Board of Directors is organized.

1952 A special Sponsoring Committee, now known as the Founding Committee, enlists the support of a number of leading Chicagoans; rent-free offices are provided by Howard K. Hurwith at 533 South Dearborn Street in Chicago.

1953 A new permanent Board of Directors is assembled; a medical director, occupational therapist, physical therapist and social worker are hired. Patients are cared for in the basement of 401 East Ohio Street; RIC begins to offer outpatient rehabilitation services in facilities provided by Northwestern University

1954 RIC takes the title to the building located at 401 East Ohio and converts it from an old warehouse into a rehabilitation facility. This milestone marks the formal founding of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

1958 Inpatient service begins at the Institute with the completion of two additional floors and a roof garden. One of the floors and garden are made possible by Mrs. Robert A. (Bertha Evans) Brown.

1960 Bertha Evans Brown organizes the RIC Women's Board.

1961 Dr. Clinton Compere is elected to the Board of Directors. He served as a member of the medical staff since the Institute's founding and was responsible for creating an amputee service the provided individualized assistance previously not available in Chicago.

RIC at Ohio Stree Door

RIC at 401 East Ohio Street - Circa 1954

Dr. Paul B. Magnuson orchestrated support from the Chicago Community, including both corporate and civic leaders to support the purchase of an old warehouse at 401 East Ohio Street. In 1954 this building became RIC's first hospital facility.

From this humble beginning RIC has grown to become the leading provider of rehabilitation services. Each year RIC helps thousands of people with disabilities achieve more fulfilling and independent lives

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