More Ability Labs at New RIC - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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The Ability Institute of RIC

The New RIC - Capital CampaignWe invite you to partner with RIC
as we Advance Human Ability™.



The Ability Labs 

Each Innovation Center will introduce a futuristic model of care that infuses 21st century biomedical science into the clinical environment in ways unlike any other hospital, anywhere.

All human-subject research, applied research, and proof-of-concept testing will be embedded with the clinical units in dynamic spaces called the Ability Labs.

Professionals Surround Each Patient

As the active nucleus of each Center, these Labs offer state-of-the-art environments where accomplished professionals, utilizing the most advanced technology and processes, will share space and surround every patient.

Although each Lab will have a unique configuration based on its purpose, boundaries will not exist. Clinicians, researchers, and patients will collaborate in real time. Colors, textiles, and design are being utilized to inspire behaviors that will influence action, innovation, collaboration, and progress – leading to better patient outcomes.