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The New RIC - Capital CampaignWe invite you to partner with RIC
as we Advance Human Ability™.



Overview: The Shirley Ryan AbilityLab®

The unique design of the hospital is about creativity and inventing – processes, methods, experiences, even products that will affect real change in our patients and in their potential for full recovery.

We are leveraging the design of our new building to fully express our vision, embracing an iterative rather than linear process of clinical care and recovery medicine, and integrating the intellectual with the artistic.

A revolution in rehabilitation medicine

Our new research hospital project will transform the entire structure of our organization and will exert strong influence on the field of rehabilitation to adopt translational methods, integrating science directly with clinical care to achieve never-before-possible outcomes for patients. We have the insight, expertise, and drive to envision a revolution in rehabilitation medicine, and to make it happen. And we hold the fundamental ambition and confidence that RIC will continue to improve lives and serve as a resource for the world, the center of excellence and promise.

Our commitment to education and training

The new facility will also extend RIC’s outreach in training and disseminating knowledge across the globe. Although we currently invest significant resources in education and training, we expect the new facility will allow us to better serve the field through conferences, colloquiums, and training seminars in order to share our emerging knowledge and know-how. RIC is compelled to use our knowledge to advance the field and to set new standards of care by which other organizations can improve the outcomes of patients.

Nuclei of Discovery: Five Innovation Centers 

Brain Injury Research and Recovery Spinal Cord Injury Research and Recovery Neuro-Muskolskeletal Research and Recovery Pediatric Rehabilitation Cancer Rehabilitation


Spinal Cord Innovation

Nerve, Muscle
& Bone

Rehabilitation Innovation

Rehabilitation Innovation

Learn more about our five Innovation Centers and our Ability Labs