March 2016 - Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Neighborhood Update: March 2016

Dear Neighbor,

As you are aware, construction continues on the Ability Institute of RIC, located at 355 East Erie Street. The building structure and enclosure are substantially complete. The East and South hoist have been removed and the windows are complete.  Interior build outs, including mechanical piping, duct work and drywall, are being completed on various levels throughout the building and will also remain a primary focus in the coming months.  Currently, the exterior sidewalk, planters, and driveways are being constructed and such construction will continue through 2016.  The majority of the work will be performed behind the existing barricades which will ultimately be removed when fencing will be utilized until all exterior work is complete; this is expected to be finished at the end of the year (2016).  Additional lane closures will be required at times along McClurg in order to complete this work.  During these closures, appropriate signage and flagging will be used.  

Exterior construction work and full manpower levels (between 250 to 350 workers) continue Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and regular, permitted work will continue to occur with a small crew on Sundays. Additionally, we will continue to have certain deliveries occurring beyond typical work hours. This activity will entail a limited crew remaining on site to unload and distribute materials via the exterior hoists up until the 10 p.m. All dates and times are permitted by the City of Chicago and are weather dependent.  Moreover, all work will be performed consistent with the City noise code requirements.

Now that the building is substantially enclosed and building systems are operational, lighting will be similar to that of a typical building.  Namely, interior lighting will be maintained at all times throughout the building as staff are now operating the building system 24/7.

I am excited to announce that Dorelia Rivera will be joining RIC on April 11th as our new Community Liasion.  Dorelia has held various roles in the community and government relations sector, including recently Director, Government Programs/Government Relations at Blue Cross Blue Shield, Senior Policy Advisor and Analyst for the Illinois Department of Human Services as well as Director of Policy and Community Outreach for Community Support Services, Inc.  After April 11, Dorelia may be reached at or (312) 238-7522.  In the interim, should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at or (312) 238-6208.  Thank you, and all the best to you and your family this Spring!