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AbilityLab Toolkit

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Toolkit

We have a new name that reflects the progressive vision for the organization and focuses on our patient’s outcome vs the process – and we believe it’s time for you to start sharing our name, brand and benefits with your colleagues.

These templates and resources should be used at conferences, trade shows and external events with a referral or academic audience. Please do not use for a consumer-facing event until March 25 without approval from marketing. 

Referencing our New Brand

Please use approved marketing materials and when referencing the name in text, please follow these guidelines:

  • First reference is always Shirley Ryan AbilityLab
  • Never abbreviate the name to SRAL, RAL, or Ryan AbilityLab
  • Never add a space between "ability" and "lab"
  • Never lowercase "L" in "Lab"
  • The name should always be in black when typed, not in red and orange 

If you are unsure if the use of the new name meets marketing standards, please contact *marketing_communications@ric.org

Materials & Resources

Please use these approved marketing materials for seminars, conferences and research presentations:

The following materials are meant to arm staff with messaging about our new hospital/vision. Please consider these resources internal; they’re not for public distribution:

    Resources available from marketing (images for reference only):

    Please contact us as soon as you know the date of your conference so we can best manage materials and ensure ample quantities.

    Contact *marketing_communications@ric.org to borrow these resources or let us know if you have any specific needs not addressed in the lists above.